The Association's main objectives are to actively contribute to the business developments between Indonesia and Denmark and to contribute to their members' interests and development of their organizations.

DBA, an association of Danish business activities in Indonesia, are a co-operative body with a source of ideas and information for its members. DBA also acts as an important link to other business associations in Indonesia as well as the neighboring countries.

The Executive Committee of DBA is made up of members with a strong commitment to the objectives of DBA.


DBA, Indonesia was initiated in 1984 as cooperation between Christian D'Auchamp, Commercial Attaché at the Danish Embassy during those days and Tom Soerensen, General Manager for SAS and Thai Air during that time.

The first meeting was held as a lunch for Danish business people at the Hilton Hotel in Jakarta and ever since having lunch and dinner meetings have been popular traditions.

Goals and Ideas

The main objectives of the Danish Business Association in Indonesia are to actively contribute to business developments between Denmark and Indonesia and to contribute to their members’ interests and development of their organizations.

The purpose of DBA is to tighten relations between:

Nordic Business Forum

DBA is a member of the Nordic Business Forum that consist of Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland.

The Nordic Business forum has a web site with discussion forum at nbfindo.org